Consumer Safety and FDA Voluntary Recall

Getting this business started and continuing to scale has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life. There's no handbook to follow on what steps are needed to get the right food licensing, inspections, and various other protocols required to operate in Los Angeles and beyond. Every day seems to have a new learning experience of some kind and I'm so grateful to all of the other business owners, elected officials, and friends who have helped me get this far.

Food allergies are a very serious thing. I have several friends with food allergies and sensitivities so I don't take this lightly. This is why we've always listed our ingredients prominently on each package from the start, even when it was especially time consuming and expensive for us.

It's really unfortunate that the State and FDA don't have a better process that can help empower women-owned small businesses.

For anyone curious, here's what the whole thing was about:

  1. We needed to print the net weight of the cookies on the label
  2. We need to breakdown each element that goes into "All-Purpose Flour" and "Semi-Sweet Milk Chocolate Chips".
  3. And bonus points for also separately calling out any possible allergens it may contain below the ingredients in case someone doesn't read the ingredients.
The bright side of this is we were forced to design fancy new labels that we're in love with!
This has been an incredibly trying time for all of us and we greatly appreciate your support while we get all of our T's crossed and I's dotted with the FDA. We're optimistic all of this will be behind us soon. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us through our website or Instagram.
If you'd like to try our cookies and peep our new labels, please enjoy 15% off your order with code RECALL15 at check out!