Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I bake my dough?

Baking times will vary depending on the size of the cookies you make. For a full baking 101 breakdown, read our blog post here.


Can I eat the dough raw?

You sure can! Every step of the baking process holds nostalgia and that includes the part where you lick the spoon! Our cookie dough is made with heat-treated flour and is made without eggs which allows you to indulge in it raw. 


Is your dough vegan?

Yes, but you would never know the difference! They are soy-free and peanut-free as well so super safe for kids of all ages ;) 


Can I place a wholesale order?

Absolutely. Check out our wholesale page and reach out to


How did your business start?

We started as a little Etsy shop in late 2019 and quickly became a best seller on the platform. From there we popped up on sidewalks during the pandemic, gained some media love, partnered with national brands and restaurants, and haven't looked back since!


Where do you ship?

We ship to all 50 states via UPS or USPS.