Cottontail Cottage Wildlife Rehab Fundraiser

Cottontail Cottage Wildlife Rehab is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to saving injured and orphaned wildlife. This New York-based all-volunteer team rehabilitates and releases hundreds of wild animals every year. 100% of the funding for Cottontail Cottage comes from donations. Your support means no animal will ever be turned away due to lack of funding. 

Fundraiser begins 1-26-24 and ends on 2-18-24 

Chocolate and the Chip is excited to be partnering with Cottontail Rehab on this Valentine's Day fundraiser and will be donating 40% of sales directly to Cottontail Cottage Wildlife Rehab.

  1. Original Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 14oz
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  2. Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 14oz
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  3. "Just The Dough" Brown Sugar Cookie Dough, 14oz
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