Broome Animal Sanctuary Valenswine's Day Fundraiser

Broome Animal Sanctuary Mission Statement: 

We are devoting our lives to saving all farm animals from slaughter. Here at Broome Animal Sanctuary, they are no longer in danger of ending up in a slaughterhouse. We are committed to raising awareness of factory farm atrocities while promoting a happier, healthier, and more humane way of life between humans, animals, and the environment.

We hope you will join us in our mission to raise awareness of the plight of farm factory animals. Farm animals are very intelligent and emotional creatures not to be exploited. We are their guardians and protectors. 

Choose compassion.

In lieu of our annual "Be My ValenSwine" Auction we thought we would sweeten things up a bit. We are teaming up with Chocolate and the Chip, an all-woman-owned and operated small business in Los Angeles specializing in edible and ready-to-bake cookie dough for a "ValenSwines Pig Out" on Cookie Dough fundraiser. Who doesn't love to pig out on cookie dough? This fundraiser will start Saturday, January 20th, and run through the entire month of February. Chocolate and the Chip will donate 40% of the sales to Broome Animal Sanctuary. And by the way, you can even send this as a gift to your favorite ValenSwine. 

To learn more about Broome Animal Sanctuary here is the link to our website Animal Welfare | Middleburgh | Broome Animal Sanctuary and Farm

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for Broome Animal Sanctuary & Farm
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